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Here, introduce a simply guidance in this site.
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And sorry, this site is only Japanese text.(Except this page and before page.)
Because I don't have time to translate into English.
But if you watch this site, I'll be very glad! (><)
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FIRSTThat is here.
there is a plofile and a sitemap.
DIARYHinata's diary.
I sometimes talk inside stories.(^^)
GALLERYThere are Hinata's original pictures and novels.
There are voices and copylight pictures too.
And you can download for music.
When you DL this music, please you enjoy it only your computer.
GAMEThere are Hinata's original games.
TREASUREThere are wonderful gifts!
BBSThere are paint bbs and idle take bbs,
question of games bbs.
You are always welcome at this place☆
MAILIf you mail me, this way please.(^^)
LINKYou can go to the other wonderful sites☆
There is explanation of Seryugekka's link.
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H.NSakura Hinata
my hometownShimane(Japan)
characterI like as my likes and
I am a serious(?)
love comics Card Captor Sakura
Nanaka 6/17
Fruit basket
Azumanga Daioh!
She is an ultimate weapon
School Rumble and so on…
love characters Sakura Kinomoto(Card Captor Sakura)、
Shusuke Fuji(The prince of tennis)、
Osaka/Ayumu Kasuga(Azumanga Daioh!)、
Toru Honda, Kisa Soma(Fruit basket)、
Sora Naegino(Kaleido Star)、
Chise(She is an ultimate weapon)、
Nodoka Miyazaki(MAGISTER NEGI MAGI!)、
Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye(Fullmetal Alchemist)
Fllay Allster(Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)、
Misha(Pitaten) and so on…
love novels Kinonotabi, Alison,
Shakuganno Shana,
Bokusatutenshi Dokuro-chan,
Infinity ZERO
Shinigaminobalad and so on…
a noteSorry, I write and speak English very poor(^^;)
By the way, I love animation and comics, novels!
So if you think "Oh, I know it!",
Please don’t hesitate to talk me.(^0^)ノ
(Also there aren't comics and animation.)

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